Review Create consumer – and family-friendliness, help ordinary people, and publish smart as the most professional there. Focus on service quality and extensive features, I do not hang virtual hosts around there are a lot of pack – INS and offers two programs – one for home users, one for corporate customers.

Hosting Review:

Price Value 9 / 10
Performance 9 / 10
Reliability 8.5 / 10
Customer Support 8 / 10
Control Panel 8 / 10
User Feedback 8.5 / 10

Overall Grade: 86%

Price Value

Add hosting packages web hosting can set free and have a free domain name and at least one free AdWords voucher from Google. The maximum value of the service UK2. net but the control panel, the latest version of the Control Panel once wants to use the largest 11 control panel, because it is simple and versatile functions. Web Hosting enjoys at least one database MySQL, CGI, Ruby on Rails, PHP, FrontPage extensions, and free on site. In addition, registration and two years to everything to get a 10 % discount off our already low prices.


In Uptime Guarantee UK2. net is perfectly 99.9 %. As if that was not enough, Web Hosting Web hosting is concerned with a money back guarantee of 30 days. All this is done by Telecity Redbus and Group, a leading provider of Datenzentrenmit the support of the whole of Europe, and which is linked to the support 1, Level 3 and AboveNet.

Control Panel

UK2. net users get to leading panel of the control panel in the world use, and a model for all other control panel went. Not only panel contains everything you need to intuitively easy to read light on the network statistics scales in real time, organized and with menu interface, easy controls to navigate filled, but it also contains a number of scripts, programming SDL your website to make interactive and professional standards, you might want in.

Customer Support

And offers 24/ 7 phone, email and now lives online customer support through a call center in the UK. Guided search and classification, and provides questions and answers and the knowledge base approach to help them. Hosting Plans

Home: 3 GB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth @ £ 5.95 / month (for free domain name 0.10 additional domains and 50 e- mail accounts)

Institution: 100 GB disk space 1000 GB bandwidth @ £ 14.95 / month (domain name for one year of free, unlimited add- on domains e- mail account 1000)

Web Hosting – Finding the Position of a Customer Oriented

Web Hosting Select the reliability web hosting in the most important. This confirms again and again for webmasters and business inquiry on the internet.

However, “reliance” is not a simple thing. If you take the time, most of the web hosting companies with the possibility of technology, has been continuously developing their products and at affordable prices, it is an important part of the reliability of a web hosting go to “good old-fashioned customer service”.

In other words, you really want to know what it is: ” If there is a problem with my site, I could be a quick solution is not useful?”

With a network of military “useless”, it could be a problem.

Provide Technical Support Is Very Difficult To Talk

If you ever speak in favor of the web hosting, you get three or four calls to be made and impressed at the same time. This is because they also have thousands of customers, and are often a problem in the waves. This can lead to frustrating the technical dialogue.

For example, I have a problem with virtual hosts. The problem is that there are a few changes to my website. Well, I’ve done that, the site for years, and with many different hosts, this is the first time that I had this particular problem.

Therefore, although I am open to the possibility and the question is, where my end, and I think that this is impossible. It seems that all of my sites have the same problem with the host, and not with other network hosts that I use. In both cases I am fair looking for some advice.

But so far I did not manage to get intelligent response – even if it happens on and off for about a week now. I have a standard answer: “Are you one of these ever tried, have you ever tried …… “This entire means that this question is the end of me, and no one gave the impression that they really think about Ultimate is what the end of it.

When the same number of times, and I can sympathize with the sufferings of technical support staff. But before my experience, most of the technical support staff should look at this issue, they will probably know the answer. It’s just hard for them to really focus on your problems.

Reliability Begins With the Client’s Position In The First Place

This is directly related to a variety of related “reliability“. The attitude of the staff is often made that if delayed long enough to solve the problem. And, yes, sometimes disappearing.

But on the other hand, I think that they usually stop, because it also spreads to focus on small trivial issues. In other words, they do not have enough of “customer-centered” I have to solve my problem specifically.

This is when the web hosting “reliability” in need of a hit. That when customers began to seriously consider the host. People procrastinate technology you are wasting your time trying to get your site to work criticized. And often do not get the technical team just requires a little effort on the other side to work.

Customer service is very important for any business and the sale and delivery process at every stage. Sales and accounting staff must be customer oriented. Staff must be your production, focused on the customer. Should technical support staff that is customer focused.

Unfortunately, a lot of web hosting technical support staff just does not understand. They tend to see themselves as superior to their subscribers. And they are able, have fled from unfriendly service, shabby as it is very convenient for the customer to replace the host.

Fortunately, this situation is changing. Step by step and there is enough information available to help a number of changes that will really help a lot transferring your host domain name in their system?

Make Choices On The Basis Of Customer Service

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to ahead of time, know exactly, you will get a reliable, friendly and good service for customers.

You can try to find a web hosting review sites to get a comparison between the hosts. Unfortunately, many of these sites alone cannot be relied upon. On the one hand, they are usually trying to sell hosting services, so that the “suspension“ and often contaminated. Another reason is that the views and comments contain and if they respond to the public, and can be manipulated. Some hosts publishing false praise their own services and those who criticize the competition.

You can also scan Web Hosting Forum comments and suggestions. It seems generally reliable, but is still open to this kind of manipulation of the above. In addition, because the web hosting business is changing rapidly, can make comments about a particular web hosting company as old as a year ago.

My personal preference is to monitor the host site itself. If technical and very confusing and drives normal. This usually means that, at least for me, that am the host to focus on the technical details, it can be difficult to manage their own support system, and I can be difficult to get a clear answer and just for my own to achieve.

Customer -oriented products and easy access to the minimum number of support systems with a simple design that is aligned to the company’s customers. I also recommend the client’s office in advance on the system, only to find out what kind of contact with my receipt.

I am also looking for a recommendation from a real web hosting customers. Make sure they are clearly marked with your name and physical address and website address. If you really want to be active, most of the people directly affected.

Of course, I agree that all of this is not very easy. Given the fierce competition in the field of web hosting, and all other things being equal, is a customer-oriented approach that is simple, clear what you should look for web hosting.

Hostway UK Hosting Review

Hostway UK HostingIncluding the first five web hosting companies, not just in the UK but also worldwide, the company HostWay can handle the needs of virtual hosts from smallest to largest. HostWay Corporation with 11 years experience in the belt, around the world for more than 600,000 customers. The main advantage of a customer HostWay UK is that you can enjoy all the performance, reliability, performance, and HostWay entire network.

Hosting Ratings:

Price Value 7 / 10
Performance 8.5 / 10
Reliability 9 / 10
Customer Support 8 / 10
Control Panel 9 / 10
User Feedback 8 / 10

Overall Grade: 83%

Price Value

In addition to the launch of the e- mail program, HostWay offers three master plans – bronze, silver and gold. Add all Cleanmail (detects spam and virus protection), site (e-mail via the Internet) and by the designers sites (construction site) and analog statistics website statistics tool. It was also equipped with all the plans with a full range of free programming scripts, adding interactive site (things like blogs, forums, user, message boards, photo album and feedback forms, etc.). All that on the platform, Red Hat Linux available, but only silver and gold, plans in the Windows platform. Silver and gold plan also comes with Microsoft Front Page Extensions, SSH Secure Shell account. The Gold Plan includes support for MySQL database and PHP 5 scripts and access phpAdmin.


For starters, HostWay UK, behind the net to ensure 100 % availability. Customers HostWay UK reliable in Europe, Asia and North America, all network operations center line several repetitions with Gigabit Ethernet and OC-3 connections to the backbone network processor top internet HostWay center equipped with advanced and comprehensive uninterruptible power supply .

Control Panel

Allows the control panel SiteControl Web simply complete, all you need to run smoothly and efficiently on your site, including the status of your account and your e-mail management and change and update your plan, build and add features to My Account and obligations of the website, and much more.

Customer Support

HostWay Assistance Center is one of a kind, and user-friendly for the tutorial, complete a first guide, and detailed set of frequently asked questions. E-mail and phone customer support 24/7/365 offer. In addition, Britain HostWay can also be reached directly from the various departments of the e-mail addresses and phone numbers are provided.

Hosting Plans for HostWay UK

Bronze – 150 GB disk space and bandwidth of 3 GB, 30 e- mail accounts @ £ 4.95

Silver – 300 GB disk space, bandwidth 5.50 GB e- mail accounts @ £ 7.95/month

Gold – 600 GB disk space and bandwidth GB 10 100 e- mail accounts @ £ 13.95/month